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Analytics Student List View

The new SchoolWise Student Analytics System helps you to make sense of your school’s data by adding powerful data analysis and data visualization tools to the SchoolWise Web Foundation module. This allows you to easily track and manage student performance at the district, school, or class level. There are two main components: data aggregation, which runs automatically each night, and data display, which allows school staff to view and analyze the data through interactive dashboards.

  • Use the pre-defined dashboards, or build your own custom ones.

  • The dashboards include interactive charts with drill-down to see the details behind the data.

  • Use custom data indicators to help identify struggling or at-risk students while there is still time to get them back on track.

  • Simple implementation – no data imports or exports needed. We use your existing SchoolWise SIS data.

  • Please contact for more information

Analytics Averages Overview

Analytics Dashboards offers powerful tools to easily track and manage student performance!
       Take a look at some of the pre-defined dashboards below:

Core Subjects
At Risk Students
Student Averages by Subject
Attendance SARB Exceptions
Student Discipline Referral
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