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Our Software Development Philosophy

SchoolWise is both a Windows based desktop app and a Web-based system.  For getting a lot of data entry and reporting work done quickly, desktop apps are still Faster and superior in many ways to web-based systems.  On the other hand Web-based systems are more flexible and convenient allowing login from anywhere on any device.


The following features are Web-based:

  • Parent Portal 

  • Letter-Grade Gradebook 

  • Standards-Based Gradebook 

  • Report Cards

  • Classroom Attendance Recording

  • Report Viewer

  • Dashboards

  • Hot Lunch Pre-Order Form\Lunch Counts

  • Teacher-to-Student and Teacher-to-Parent Communication

  • Parent Alert System for attendance alerts and other school messages via robo-call, text, and/or email

  • Online Parent Payment Processing for cafeteria system 

  • Online Student Registration and Re-registration

Administrators and teachers need to be able to get the data they need from any device. 

To this end the Web-based reporting system addresses the needs of administrators and teachers.  Heavy duty data entry, attendance reporting and CALPADS extracts (as examples) are still better handled in the school office on the Windows desktop app rather than waiting for multiple web pages to load.  We believe we are providing the Best of Both desktop power and web-based convenience.

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