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SchoolWise is Well Known for providing Unbeatable Customer Support

Do you have an issue/concern/question/request?  Our Top Priority is to help with Friendly, Respectful and Timely support.  We make your problem, our problem, until it's no longer a problem at all.


The reality is; that student information systems are a front end to a huge complicated relational database and they can take years to master (although many users say that SchoolWise is much is easier to use than other systems).  Because of this inherent complexity we believe that Support is as important as the Software.


We listen to our customers and are always Training and Helping.  We understand how complicated and at times overwhelming California data reporting and CALPADS requirements are.  That is why we have Unlimited Telephone Support.  If users need help finding a report or remembering how to do something they telephone and we help as soon as we can, and immediately if possible.

"We Really Appreciate all you do for us, we Love SchoolWise it's the Best program we have ever had!"

"Thank you... SchoolWise Support. You're a Lifesaver!"

We treat Everyone the way we would want to be treated, it's     just how We do support.  Regardless of user experience or the        complexity of the issue, No Egos here.

Looking for a certain report?  We'll help find it, or if it does not already exist (which is rare) we will write a new report or modify an existing one generally within the same day.  With SchoolWise, users don't need to write their own reports.  Just leave the complexity of writing reports for a multi-year multi-site database to us. All new reports go out automatically to all of our customers every hour.

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