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Our Parent Alert System is a fully integrated web based Emergency Alert/Notification tool that is always up to date since it’s built in to SchoolWise.  Telephone, Email and Text Messaging alerts can be easily sent to parents/family for Emergencies, Attendance notification, etc.  A huge advantage to being integrated with the SchoolWise database, is the total elimination of nightly file exports and uploads with confusing and hard to manage third party products.
Alerts can be One Time (ex., school closed due to weather), Recurring (all students with uncleared absence today) or Email only (Email Newsletters).  Alerts can be setup for a specific given date and time or immediately.  They can be sent to parents, staff and students at one or more schools in the district or just one particular class or group of students.
  • Send unlimited voice, text, and bulk emails to Parents/Family
  • Emergency Alerts
  • Attendance Notification
  • Log and Delivery Reports
  • Parent and Family contact information is easily managed in SchoolWise
  • No uploads to worry about
  • Up to Date Real Time data
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SchoolWise has Log reports that will tell you which recipients and phone numbers were reached.  Delivery reports that show which voice calls, texts and emails were received by name, number, email address, date and time.  English or Spanish messages are sent based on the family's home language setting in SchoolWise.
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