Our user friendly desktop client is designed from the busy school secretary's point of view.

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Hourly Updates and Powerful Reporting Features
Each Client SchoolWise server checks for updates hourly to insure all new features and reports are available to you right away. All of our reports can be exported as PDF, CSV or XLS formats for easy electronic transfer, importing or exporting to other software packages.  If you ever need a report that does not already exist we will do our best to build it for you.
The SchoolWise Report Explorer has over 1500 pre-built reports and file exports.  Looking for a certain report? No problem. All reports are organized into categories and can easily be searched. If you can't locate what you need, we'll help find it, or if it does not already exist (which is rare) we will write a new report or modify an existing one generally within the same day.  With SchoolWise, users don't need to write their own reports.  Just leave the complexity of writing reports for a multi-year multi-site database to us. All new reports go out automatically to all of our customers every hour.

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